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Welcome to Creative Bastards Magazine's official webpage!

We are a student-founded little magazine, hosted online and in limited print. Our aim is to celebrate the written word and artistic outlets by providing a space for creatives to publish their work.


We hope, through the creation of our little magazine, to share our sparking creativity with the world, and carve a space in the daunting world of publishing and the creative arts.

About us...

Established at the start of the 2020 academic year, Creative Bastards is a writing and creative arts collective, comprised of students and graduates from the BA Creative Writing course at Nottingham Trent University.

Inspired by the possibilities of small press and indie publishing, we decided to create our own magazine, with no rules or limitations on its theme, content, or name. Thus, Creative Bastards Magazine was born. 

Thriving on all things creative and chaotic, and with a passion for publishing first-time writers, Creative Bastards are a fresh zest in the publishing world.

Follow our socials for updates on Issue 2!

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