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Issue 1 - Monsters

Creative Bastards Magazine Issue 1 - Monsters

Released November 21st, 2022.

Creative Bastards Magazine - Monsters was first published in a limited hard-copy form on November 21st, 2022. It was later published online via their website, to make the issue accessible to anyone who wished to download, share, and peruse its pages.

Contributors to the first issue include Andrew Taylor, Antonia Stassi, David Talhadas, Elle Jacobson, Elmo Moorby, Esther Fisher, Irina Tall, Isabella J Mansfield, Marc Isaac Potter, Marjan Safiyari, Megan Sprous, Nathan Trotman, Nick Barratt, R.J.Eaton, and Sage Lai.

This issue was edited by Antonia Stassi, Elle Jacobson, Elmo Moorby, and Megan Sprous. This issue includes Illustrations by Antonia Stassi and Nick Barratt. Cover Art by Elmo Moorby. This issue was produced and funded by Elmo Moorby.

Creative Bastards Magazine - Monsters is dedicated to Sharron Moorby, Andrew Taylor, Rory Waterman, and the original Creative Bastards.

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