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Creative Bastards Magazine announce...

Issue 2 - Journeys


Hello again. My fellow scoundrels, your patience has finally paid off. We are proud to announce Creative Bastards Magazine Issue 2 – Journeys.

Following the success of our inaugural issue, we are excited to announce that we will be running the project again this year, following the theme of Journeys. You can interpret said theme however you wish, be it a physical journey, spiritual, or metaphorical.

Like last time, we are open to many (and any) forms your work may take. Prose, poetry, script, comic, review, artwork and illustration, fiction or non-fiction.

(See our 'Submissions' page for more details.)

Our submissions will be open from June 5th to July 7th, with replies and responses to be sent after submissions have closed. If you would like to contribute to our second issue, we do ask that you include a short, 3rd person bio alongside your submission. Further details surrounding our submission guidelines can be found on our 'Submissions' page.

So don your caps, for the Creative Bastards hype train has officially left its station. We can’t wait to see what you come up with for Issue 2 - Journeys.

Godspeed, fellow Bastards.

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